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The following reviews have been received by our lettings department.

Dear Mr Green,

I am writing to you today with reference to Ashley Charles Letting Agent. My wife and I left the UK for Canada, 4 years ago and have had Ashley Charles looking after our property ever since. With the 5 hour time difference we needed a letting agent to fully managed our property. We have found over time that Ashley Charles meets all the criteria we are looking for in a letting agent: professionalism, responsiveness, customer care and a good network of contractors. We have had 2 different tenants since we left and Ashley Charles have always been very quick in addressing our tenants needs and in keeping us in the loop. The change-over happened very smoothly.
With regard to day to day management, they always provide us with multiple options/price points when things need attending, allowing us to make an educated decision remotely. More importantly they always ask for our approval before giving the go-ahead to any contractor. In 4 years we have  been able to deal with everything over email and have rarely picked up the phone to call them (may be a couple of times), which is ideal for us because the time difference makes it more difficult.
All in all, I would highly recommend Ashley Charles as an independent Letting Agents as it has proved to be a seamless experience, allowing us to go about our lives abroad without having to worry about it. I hope this will help you make the right decision.

Yours sincerely,

Jerome Birot
Managed Landlord Farringdon Court

Hi Sarah,

Just to check that you have my new mobile number – I changed it this weekend to-------- – so please feel free to pass that on!

Looking forward to receiving the tenancy agreement soon! Thanks for all of your help – by far the most efficient and personable estate agent that I’ve dealt with in Reading, in spite of the Maras delay!

Best regards,

Ben Nunney New tenant London Road

Dear Simon
 I am an absentee landlord living in the US and the level of service we get from Ashley Charles is outstanding

Best Regards
Allan Slimming

AJ thanks again for getting our house re-let so quickly .We are very appreciative of your high standards and excellent level of service

Regards Allan Re Alexandra road

Dear Hilary, AJ & Sophie,

As discussed, happy to confirm the split of deposit money between Katie, and myself.

Just a quick word to thank you both for a diligent service throughout our tenancy.

During our time in Reading, we used two agents for accommodation. I have no hesitation in suggesting ‘Ashley Charles’ were the most professional, by miles.

As my new employment post is more a ‘secondment’, than a permanent reside, I’ll certainly keep your details for future accommodation in Reading, when back at Kyocera.

With Kind regards.

James & Katie Out going tenants Branagh Court

We have been using Ashley Charles to manage our property in the UK for some time now and have been very happy with their professionalism and care as well as good levels of communication throughout.

Please contact me if you have any particular queries.

Sarah Pilgrim
Out Back Australia
Managed Landlord, The Meridian,

Dear AJ,

Thanks for your support. As informed to you earlier, today I have given a feed back about your services to my Human Resources Department and they have agreed to include your name in the approved list of letting agents by our company, Foster Wheeler Energy is the ranking 11th largest company in the world  in Oil and Gas consultancy . In Reading alone 4500 Employees are there. We have huge turnover of people coming from different parts of the world. Hope this will be helpful for your business.
Salai Varumpadham  - Tenant

Dear A.J. and Hilary,

Thanks yet again to your due diligence and your very
professional approach. I wish I had some complaints
about your service but I have none. I've recommended
you to a couple of people both selling and buying a
house which I hope you take as a compliment. Many
thanks yet again.

Nick  USA
Managed Landlord Elgar Road

Hi Kate,

Many thanks for your kind email. It is unusual to receive such a
helpful and personal email after just putting your name down as part
of a contact list. This is very much appreciated and welcomed in this
day of "not much time" and being generally too busy to make the small
things count.
We look forward to hearing some good news on the home front soon.
Warmest regards,
Katie – Prospective tenant

Ashley Charles Estate Agents are not just the best a Landlord can have. They also are the best a Tenant can have. Another striking distinguishing factor with Ashley Charles is the ever Friendly, Polite, Helpful and yet very Professional members of staff. As a Landlord, Ashley Charles absorbed all my Headaches and my Tenants are equally kept very happy.  I only wish they enlarged their services to cover the whole of UK and Ireland.
I will anytime any day recommend them to anybody without any iota of reservation. They are simply the best.< Michael Atkin Faleye  - Ambrook Road

To everyone involved,

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you all for sorting out a plumber so quickly. My housemates and I are tenants at Bulmershe Road and had a water pipe burst overnight in the cold. Within a couple of hours of contacting your office, Steve at A & S Plumbing and Heating has been out and fixed the pipe for us. We've all dealt with different letting agents managing our tenancies in the past and it's always been a long-winded pain to get anything sorted, so I wanted to thank you all for your excellent service.

Kind Regards,
Andy Raimond. Tenant Bulmershe Road

Dear AJ

Just to confirm that dealing with Ashley Charles has been a positive experience with the rental of our property.  Hilary particularly has been excellent, very informative and “human”.  She is a pleasure to speak to.


Terri Martin - Landlord Lippincote Court


Enclosed signed agreements and cheque.  Thank you and AJ so much for all your help. Your efficiency combined with your “get things done” approach and friendly demeanour set you both so far ahead of the competition, throughout you have both been exemplary and I would unreservedly  recommend you both to anyone looking for a letting agent.  I only hope that as your company becomes the leading agent in the area you are able to maintain the exceptional standards you have demonstrated.  Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime

Kind regards
USA – Managed Landlord Re Southern Hill

Great thanks Hilary. I really should have paid more attention when it all got signed up. It's just it's so easy with you guys, I just sit back and let it happen :)

Oliver Bridges  Managed Landlord re Randolph Road


Top quality service, excellent feedback and good back-office assistance.

My only criticism is that your board is still up, however, this is a very minor issue!

Many thanks

John White Re Alpine Street ,

Good morning AJ,

I am responding to your letter of 25th February asking for feed back.

First of all I hope you did receive my voting in the end, despite the length of time it took to e-mail it.

In answer to your questions:

- Did you receive regular feedback when promised? Yes.

- Have you always been kept up to date on progress on the rental of your property?

Yes, and if I wanted more up to date information your staff has always responded promptly and with great manners.

- How did you find our approach to marketing your property?

It was specifically because of the care to details and your exposure to the internet that made me choose your company. I had not heard of Ashley Charles before and you are not exactly in my catchments’ area, but I was impressed by the professionalism with which my call was dealt with on my first contact and subsequently by the no-nonsense approach you AJ expressed at our first meeting. I value directness. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your staff.

Hopefully my tenants will prove to be good and long term ones. 

Many thanks and kind regards,

Eleonora Gilbert
re Wethered Park, Marlow

Hi AJ,

Thanks for your help - your personal service stands out from the crowd!

All the best

Kevin Webb – Prospective tenant

Letting Services – I would like to confirm that I am very satisfied with the quality of service provided and can honestly say that it is much better than the level of service offered by other Estate Agents that I have experience of.

Basically, keep up the good work!

Robert Cooper – Branagh Court

On behalf of The Investors Club, I am writing to thank you and your team at Ashley Charles for all your hard work on the rental of our clients’ flats in Branagh Court. We have been very impressed with the exceptional standard of service and professionalism shown by your firm, and we are extremely pleased with the efficiency with which you let the flats.

Anthony Baker, Director – The Investors Club

I found your companies service very helpful and efficient. Your staff were always very friendly and did everything they could to help and please us.

Tracey Ford – Caritor Ltd

I am grateful for your assistance and emails - you should know that of the 21 companies I contacted from Athens you have been far and away the most efficient and thorough,

My very best regards,


In response to your letter, I can confirm that my experience of using your Tenant Finding service was extremely satisfactory. I guess this would have a lot to do with the fact that you found them so quickly and they signed up straight away. Couldn’t ask for more really.

The pricing structure and variety of your services give Landlords a lot of options, which are very competitive and my choice this particular let, the Bronze service, is very realistically priced. Not a service widely offered by other letting agents and very welcome.

The marketing of the property was everything I could have expected. The online photo gallery being a distinct advantage.

Many thanks and you will be hearing from us regarding our other properties in the future.

E Brooks

This is just to thank you for your assistance in finding a tenant for the above property; Pascal is any Landlords ideal tenant. In response to your letter, I would say the level of service from Ashley Charles was excellent. Yes, I did have regular feedback from you when you promised, yes, I was always kept up to date on progress of the rental and I found your approach to marketing very professional. Your website is well presented and very comprehensive offering invaluable information to both prospective tenants and landlords. I was also surprised at the short time in which you found a suitable tenant and I will definitely use your services again.

C Pitchford

Re: Rowe Court

Dear Sir

Can I take this opportunity of thanking you for your speedy response to the water heating problem we had recently. The service you offer is first class in all departments, in that we receive our payments on time and your inspections are carried out at regular intervals.

I do believe that showing photographs of the rooms was a good idea even more so in colour.

Keep up the good work; you will always do well when you offer good rates, as you do.

On behalf of Mr & Mrs Geale


Hi Hilary

Many thanks from the boys at 2A for all the help, and the speed with which you rescued them! I will most certainly recommend your company to anyone I know who may be considering letting or renting property.

Best wishes

Jane Pond

Thank you very much for all your help with this – it has been a lot less stressful than it could have been! Thanks and regards,


Thanks Hilary we would appreciate any help we can get. We have been with you for nearly a year and the service you have given us has been excellent so we would rather stay with you if we can.

Thanks again Hilary

Wendy Gibson

Hi Hilary

Thanks for your e-mail ... what a brilliant idea ... I wish all the agents were as organised, it would make our lives so much easier.

Look forward to hearing from you if you get anything in our price range.

Thanks again,

Anna Salisbury

Dear Hilary

Just to let you know that I have now found a property. Thank you for all of your e-mails, it has been a pleasure dealing with your company, and will certainly consider you if we have to move again.

Kind regards,

Delaphine Scott

Chesterman Street, Reading


We were very happy with the service provided by Sarah of the company. Sarah phoned me back with feedback when promised and I was kept up to date on the progress of the prospective tenants for the property. Sarah also found us a suitable tenant very quickly and this was due to a large extent, to the great approach in marketing the property. She also liaised efficiently with regard to the administrative process before the tenant moved in to the property.

Yours sincerely

Ruth Ang

Dear AJ

Re: Letting of Brayford Road, Reading

We are very satisfied with the service we received on letting this property.

The marketing of the property was fine, liked to look at it on the internet.

I really appreciate the prompt information on progress; the use of the internet is great as it cuts down lots of waiting time.

We also like the different tiers of services offered as it meets different people's requirements.

We will certainly use this company again as well as recommending it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help with regards to this. Your service has been impeccable, and for that I am grateful!

Many thanks.

Kind regards.



Just a quick note to thank-you for your services to date. I have found both AJ and Hilary very helpful and efficient to deal with.

In particular I was very impressed that you valued my property at an equal value to myself and secured a tenant extremely quickly and effectively: you far surpassed your competition (I spoke to 4 other agents beforehand). I hope everything continues as well as it has thus far and look forward to working with Ashley Charles in the future,

Thank you

Kevin McDonald

Dear AJ,

…I believe that you are one of the best specialists in property sales and letting in the area. The fact that you were able to achieve a higher rental than I think others would have was not the important factor, it was to do with your personal touch to the process. This came across well when we first met back in Feb 06 – I think you are offering something extra to your clients, and that is very important for us.

S Taylor – Elgar Road

Re: Josephine Court

Thank you for finding tenants for the above property. I am extremely pleased with the speed you found a tenant and the quality of tenant. Mr Chandak is a very pleasant gentleman and I am sure the term of his tenancy at the above address will prove to be a pleasant experience.

I thank you also for the professional way you kept me informed of progress in connection with the letting of this property. Although I am not completely au fait with your approach to marketing the property, I believe that whatever approach you have used achieves the desired good and speedy results.

Mrs Rosalind Gilbert

Re:  Howard Street


- Excellent photographs, way better than 99% of other agents, most important to me

- Very attentive staff, kept me in touch with developments all through the process

- Excellent fee structure

- Very prompt in finding me a tenant

Mr John Underwood

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